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In March 2015, Autostraddle launched
The Ultimate Lesbian Intercourse Study
, prepared for all “lady-types exactly who sleep with lady-types.” We garnered over 8,566 full responses (89% that happened to be from folks involving the ages of 18 and 36) and now we are revealing the outcomes along with you, bit-by-bit. Previously:

Simply How Much Smut Carry Out Queer Girls Digest?

In 2013,
a Pew Research Center report on porn-viewing habits associated with American individuals
shared your American people don’t appear to want to speak with the Pew analysis Center about their porn-viewing behaviors: just 25per cent of men and 8% of women exactly who observe video fessed to seeing pornographic online videos. This appears significantly unlikely, but various other quotes are not greater —

Therapy Today

claims that their particular “best imagine”
is that “approximately 8per cent and 20% of women on-line check out porno websites with any regularity.” An
Australian research of Health and Relationships in 2014
discovered 20per cent of women had looked at pornography in the last 12 months. This does not actually match with data gathered from the internet alone,
such as that
12per cent of sites on the web are adult and 40 million People in the us regularly check out pornography sites. Or any particular one next of porn audience are women and 35percent of most net downloads are associated with pornography.

Dazed Digital, conversely, performed a much bigger and revelatory study of 10,500 both women and men in 114 nations. They
came up with greater figures

… while one fourth of respondents never ever watch pornography, 59% see it anyone to five times per week, and 16% six or even more times. Both males and females adore it – around three-out of 5 see it one or more times a week, despite sex. Sections happen during the extremes of intake: 90% of individuals who never see pornography tend to be ladies, while 90% of people who view grot above 11 times per week tend to be guys. Put another way, while most ladies enjoy at least once each week, only 4percent do this six or higher times each week, compared to 60percent of males which see it nearly every time or maybe more.

As soon as we questioned our very own survey-takers “do you take in porn/erotica/smut in virtually any kind?”, 87per cent of these just who answered the question replied during the affirmative. Therefore currently we are revealing figures which can be extraordinarily more than earlier studies show. Of those whom take in porn/smut/erotica, 39percent did so once per week or higher. Although not all of that is actually traditional porno.

What type of smut perform queer ladies consume?

Dazed Online discovered that
“the typical straight-identifying lady is actually much more more likely to enjoy girl-on-girl compared to typical straight man is always to watch boy-on-boy.” They discovered “directly ladies’ consumption of lesbian pornography outstrips men’s: only gay or bisexual women view more girl-on-girl.” Cosmo
discovered similar figures
. Those two some of lots of surveys with illuminated the less-than-direct connection women of orientations have actually with the porno they observe for the method of sex they actually have (or want).

Research on the porn-viewing practices of lesbians
by Irish and Canadian researchers discovered a lot of the women “didn’t take care of girl-on-girl porno, claiming they discovered the movies unrealistic and clearly from and also for direct men. Rather, many lesbians are drawn to sexual films portraying two guys getting hired on.” The researchers, in accordance with other research on this subject topic, affirmed that “women generally have much more sexual plasticity than men — definitely, they can be aroused by a wider assortment of situations.”

Within our review, we made a significant distinction between two different varieties of girl-on-girl pornography — the kind created by queer ladies for queer women (age.g.,
Crash Pad Series
Queer Porn television
Hot Pink Package
) in addition to kind created by right individuals for straight men and women (age.g., just about everything else). We found the former had been far more popular compared to second — and, in addition, a lot of queer females favor viewing direct porn or homosexual male porno over lesbian porn made by/for right men and women.

The info we are gonna discuss now’s garnered through the 87.05% of respondents which answered “yes” to “do you customer porn/erotica/smut in every form?” The 12.95% who replied “no” weren’t expected questions relating to particular porn behaviors. The 2,471 people who skipped the question and so discovered themselves regarding “what type porno will you like” page because they did not say “no,” which may’ve triggered the study to instantly miss that web page, commonly provided, because they’re strange unicorns with anxieties, expectations and needs beyond my capabilities to discern. By their particular answers throughout the porn-liking web page, many would actually consume smut but just didn’t feel just like answering the prior question, so it’s perhaps not safe to state that missing issue = responding to “no.” I am talking about, for real:

they did not answer no. However they did not respond to yes!

. It isn’t secure to express something about them whatsoever, therefore we’re just going to pluck all of them out from the group entirely when it comes to reason for this analysis. Very, go on it with a grain of salt, but, despite, these numbers would fit pretty much perfectly with answers to earlier needed questions about porno, so possibly a little grain of sodium.

The information below arises from the

5,277 respondents which helpfully responded “yes” on question “do you eat porn/erotica/smut in just about any type?”

Thus let us explore these numbers!

Erotica / Fan-Fic

It is unsurprising that erotica reading is so preferred amongst queer ladies for a few factors. Firstly: because it’s currently a lot more popular than ever before amongst ladies in basic. In fact,
a 2012 British study by Dottybingo.com
revealed 91 percent of females having study one erotic publication, and 43 percent mentioned they favored checking out about intercourse to using it. That survey had been prompted by

50 Tones of Grey

, of course, a g-dawful publication that began as Twilight fanfic and became among the best-selling books of them all.

This gives me to the next cause these numbers tend to be unsurprising: y’all
love some fan-fic
. Fanfic initially shot to popularity as a way for followers (mostly women) to understand more about male/male

Celebrity Trek

pairings the reveal would not allow, and queer women have actually flocked in droves perform some category. In addition to checking out male/male pairings, queer ladies use fanfic to
tell stories towards female/female pairings
which connect intimately onscreen for a price of
never ever

Inside the 200 commentary kept in open-ended field because of this question, about 50 % were making certain We understood that by “erotica” they designed “fan fiction.” Here is a sampling of several of those answers:

  • By “erotica” I mean fanfiction, very nearly exclusively
  • Erotic comics are in fact my favorite, but I found myselfn’t yes in which they can fit. They’re usually queer although not constantly.
  • Erotic Superhero fanfiction
  • Does gay fanfiction about imaginary wizards count
  • Let’s be real, it is Faberry or Quintana fanfic
  • If reading, its gay woman fanfiction smut. If observing, it really is homosexual guys being extremely passionate with one another.
  • Its all drilling fanfiction and I am addicted, virtually there’ve been times during my existence in which I would personally review direct gay fanfic for over four hours each and every day.


The structure of direct and gay male porn most widely used amongst queer ladies is online movie. Particularly if you have a look at lesbians as an isolated group, it’s really the only real style of erotica/smut/porn that motivates many followers amongst ladies-who-only-like-ladies. For instance, around 70per cent of lesbians, queers and bisexuals browse lesbian pornography on the web, but only 25per cent of lesbians, 32percent of queers and 42per cent of bisexuals browse straight erotica on line. Although 38% of lesbians consider queer sensual images internet based, merely 9percent at directly sexual images online, when compared to 22per cent of bisexuals and 16% of queers.

From this point onward I’ll consider “lesbian/queer porno made by/for queer individuals” as “Q4Q” porn” and “lesbian porno made by/for straight people”  as “Q4S” porn.

Are amounts of straight porno watchers too high because very lots of review respondents cannot fundamentally recognize as being specifically attracted to ladies? Kind of, but that’s maybe not the story. These are generally those numbers:

  • Bisexuals, queers and lesbians exactly who view online video view Q4Q pornography at nearly identical rates, starting from 66per cent – 67%.
  • Bisexuals include most likely to view straight pornography — 54% of these perform, when compared to 32per cent of queers and 41percent of lesbians. They are additionally the most likely to watch Q4S porno — 38per cent of them carry out, in comparison to 33percent of queers and 29% of lesbians.
  • Queers whom see video are the likely to view gay male pornography — 36per cent of them perform, when compared with around 32per cent for bisexuals and lesbians.

Thus, although bisexual women are more inclined to look at directly porno than lesbians tend to be, they can be not at all the only real types enjoying it. Controversial sex information columnist Dan Savage admits that his knowledge of exactly who watches what sort of porn expands merely thus far,
lamenting that
“lesbians screw-up my personal neat and orderly porno universe.” Sorry maybe not sorry, Dan!

I think it really is relatively well known why queer ladies dislike artificial lesbian porn, but, briefly: although not most of the women who took all of our sex study volunteered this information themselves, there’s really no shortage of lesbians on the web discussing their own preference for right or homosexual male porno (
or experts shopping for answers about it
) offering explanations love:

  • “I have found lesbian pornography is generally focused for straight guys and they’re not arousing. We for some reason prefer directly porno.”
  • “Lesbian porno is simply very phony as well as how very long many have long nails UGH! general i generally view direct porn. Today if the direct porno I simply focus on the feminine. Could get me going like crazy.”
  • “Lesbian porno is actually much too desperate in my situation and so not even close to the reality that I have found it tough to view. Perhaps not saying right pornography is actually any further genuine but usually not very as tacky.”
  • “And even though I like (directly porn) to lesbian porno, I’m always looking at the woman heading “she’s a great actress. Allowing him imagine this woman is appreciating it.  And lesbian porno provides males written everywhere it; it really appears like the stars don’t want to do what they’re undertaking.”

Some rates from your own survey-takers:

  • We typically like excess fat porn. If that was actually more straightforward to get a hold of making for and also by queers, i’d enjoy that, however it scarcely prevails.
  • Really don’t watch lesbian porn since I can simply select the misogynist movies created for directly males, that I select offending.
  • I enjoy enjoy a lady acquiring facefucked… I swear I’m a lesbian

Thus, that apart, i am keen on chatting about exactly why 53percent of most women that know about and see real queer porno

in addition

watch right porn and just why 41per cent of lesbian-identified women view straight porno. See, absolutely nothing drives myself peanuts more quickly than a person declaring that a “real lesbian” would not get turned on by directly porn — which FULL BANANAS. Although a lot of queer women who watch directly porn tend to be interested in men and want to sleep together with them, many aren’t, and a lady’s inclination for right pornography should never throw any question on the woman reported homosexuality.

I cross-checked a variety of facets, such get older, employment position, affinity for kink, sexual knowledge and gender demonstration, to find out if those had a visible impact about industry of choice and nothing endured down. Therefore, my personal theories are listed below:

  • Genuine girl-on-girl porn prices cash and cost-free girl-on-girl pornography sucks:

    Good porn by queer ladies for queer ladies frequently needs payment (because it should!). No person can afford it, would like to buy it, or seems comfortable doing this, while the choice — the kind of “lesbian” porno found free of charge on web sites like PornHub and RedTube — is actually lacking, to put it mildly. Just what’s remaining? Straight porn! Gay male porno!

  • Women Are Erotically Flexible:

    As talked about earlier on in this post, ladies respond sexually to all the sorts of points that tend to be not related on their intimate positioning. Most of us who choose ladies nonetheless have activated by right porno. That knows precisely why. It simply is exactly what it really is!

  • Normative charm requirements:

    Queer-for-queer porn does function queers with several human anatomy types, gender presentations, piercings, tattoos, renewable lifestyle haircuts and so forth. That is section of what exactly is therefore wonderful regarding it — but not for everyone. Some queers choose pornography performers which resemble pornography performers in the place of sex sites performers which appear like a common bartender or ex-girlfriend.

  • Porn as escape:

    A lot of sex sites customers enjoy porno that gives a getaway using their real intercourse everyday lives, or usage porn to explore dreams they’ve no aspire to explore in true to life. Often seeing genuine queers play away much more specific or taboo fantasies (like non-consent) only hits too close to residence.

  • Variety:

    There’s a wider variance of right pornography and gay male porno available to you for various fetishes or kinks one could be into. Addititionally there is more explicit right porn available, once queers carry out enjoy directly porno, it is often hardcore — 33percent of lesbians and 48percent of bisexuals observe hardcore straight pornography, but merely 12% of lesbians and 24% of bisexuals view softcore.

  • Imagining themselves since man:

    This is exactly anecdotal, but I heard plenty queer women point out that they imagine themselves as the guy while you’re watching right pornography. Or they like watching porno where ladies humiliate guys.

  • Masturbation video clips:

    A lot of have labeled films of women masturbating (which emerged several times when you look at the remarks) as “right porno.”

  • Absolutely a lot more of it indeed there and it is easier to find.

In summary, women can be fantastic animals with the capacity of becoming aroused by various movie porno whenever females went worldwide here’d become more research regarding it.

Eventually, I’d the same as to share a few of the responses regarding “what form of porno do you watch” part to give you the complete summary of what people desired that understand these people were into:

  • Where’s the option for tentacle pornography? Or for sex equipments going walnuts and giving their own lady inventors endless orgasms? I’m baffled (about several things).
  • We observe the *trailers* on queerporntv & crashpad but never ever the movies. because I am going through my personal societally & familialy induced hangup about consuming porn.
  • Honestly my personal fave is actually intercourse scenes from lesbian shows, perhaps not actual Porn porno. Unclear how exactly to categorize that overhead. We never view genuine pornography.
  • Machines/dildo devices
  • Residence videos
  • Lesbian gifs, cheers tumblr
  • Tumblr “romantic pornography” page is actually great
  • E-book in car attain bdsm scenario ideas, not to ever get off
  • Sexual comics are now my personal favorite, but I becamen’t yes where they can fit. They normally are queer but not always. We study online and often print (smutpeddler)
  • I primarily evaluate solamente pictures and illustrations of females. I have no clue exactly who means they are.

Partners: https://meetsugarmama.com/chat-with-milfs

How Much Smut/Erotica/Porn Do You Eat?

1.9% on the whole smut-consuming group consumes their particular smut multiple times everyday. 3.6per cent indulge one each and every day, 24.6per cent several times weekly, 11.7% once per week, 27.5percent several times a month, 12.3percent monthly, 16.3percent several times per year, and some over two % take in it less than that.

To ensure’s 5.5per cent watching porno daily, which’s significantly more than the 3.8percent of women Cosmopolitan
discovered when they surveyed 4,000 ladies
(93% that happened to be heterosexual) regarding their porn-watching practices. They also found 32.5percent of men enjoying porn from the everyday, so there’s that. But Cosmo was just inquiring about using the internet pornography videos, the get to was actually larger — we included erotica and sensual imagery.

Just what elements influence how frequently you eat smut/porn/erotica? Let’s take a look at numerous union and sexual scenarios.

Clearly absolutely a fairly strong correlation between how many times you take in smut and how often you’re sex. These figures do claim that co-habitation decreases frequency of erotic-material-engagement, which implies that these lovers commonly eating porno together.

There is a direct union between consuming smut/erotica/porn and frequency of genital stimulation — over 90 per cent of those whom masturbate many times a week or higher consume smut, in comparison to somewhat over 50 per cent of the exactly who masturbate significantly less than annually.

On the whole team — all 8,566 of you — 55.3% mentioned pornography is part of the way you normally masturbate. 39.4% mentioned the exact same of erotica.

In Closing

Lots of expected into the feedback for info on in which they were able to find queer porno designed for queers. I would ike to make that occur obtainable, because everyone enthusiastic about queer porn is deserving of feeling in this way commenter on
You May Need Assist: The Search For Awesome Queer Feminist Porn
, exactly who wrote:

“we went along to queerporn dot television and I am just sitting here whining because i have never seen porno with individuals who appear to be myself, whom appear like men and women I would personally actually bang, exactly who shag like i might screw. It feels so genuine. I never understood that I felt therefore marginalized and objectified by main-stream porn, now I feel authenticated. Like, its ok that We have sex how i actually do because see, you can find folks just like me personally.”

You should read that blog post! Also these:

Get forward and enjoy whatever kind of smut you want to!

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